Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Ways To Wear Nude :: FIVE Office Girl

Happy Monday everyone! I always look forward to getting back to the week when the first day of the week is a holiday. Makes easing back into the office that much easier!

To honor this Monday morning, I'm starting off the week and ending this series, with an office look. 

Nude is a great color to wear to work and because it's so plain, you can really go wild with the other pieces. Here I've chosen to go with some polka dots on the bottom. 

The pattern doesn't stop there, a rich burgundy leopard print satchel really complements the nude. 

Polish the look with a simple pair of black heels and you're office ready, even if you are in polka dots and leopard!

shirt :: gap
pants :: ann taylor
purse :: coach
shoes :: nordstrom