Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ShopLately Blogger Week :: ONE Daisy Gem

Last year I participated in ShopLately's Blogger Week and had a blast! This year's Blogger Week is finally upon us and I'm so happy to be featuring two of my favorite ShopLately stores over the next two days, starting with Daisy Gem.

First, a little about ShopLately, a company that holds a very dear spot with me because they were one of my first collaborations ever. ShopLately is a women's online fashion marketplace, beginning as an accessory-only marketplace and recently expanding to apparel and shoes. 

Surprisingly, they host sale events on a daily basis with very affordable prices for your everyday accessories, which gives you a reason to visit every day! Saw that perfect bracelet at a department or boutique store but were hesitant to pull the trigger on it because of price? ShopLately probably has the same one both looks and quality for a significantly lower price. In fact, the Rhinestone Pave Bracelet by Daisy Gem below is an exact dupe of the same bracelet offered by J.Crew, but for nearly a quarter of the price.

This bracelet, which carries more than its own weight in terms of arm candy, was the perfect accessory to pair with this outfit. Because of the multi-box pattern on the dress and the intricate, detailed texture of the blazer, I decided to keep things simple on the arm - just a watch and a bracelet.

Everything thrown together with a pair of simple, black heels, and you've got a perfect outfit for a casual day out shopping, a chic day at work, a drink with the girlfriends, or even a date night out with the boyfriend.

Be sure to check out my sale event at ShopLately here and see what other items have been chosen from Daisy Gem specifically for Blogger Week. Stay tuned tomorrow for my second featured store!


  1. nice look ; ))

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  2. I love how the 2 patterns goes together!
    lovely dress and it looks so good on you!
    I'm totally jealous!:)

    xoxo, Jules
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  3. Such an adorable dress, the print is lovely!

    Love Bodil,

  4. Love the dress Lucy!!

    xo - Sheila