Wednesday, October 30, 2013

COACH Leather Racer :: TWO Trendsetter

When I'm feeling like mixing things up and releasing my inner trendsetter, I tend to venture towards mixing different prints or styles. The great thing about this jacket is that I can throw it over almost anything and it instantly completes the outfit.

Today I decided to go with a mix of girly and masculine, pairing a lace dress with a camo shirt. But something was still missing.

The jacket came handy as today was fairly windy & cold and seemed to exude the perfect amount of girly and masculine, exactly what I was going for.

A simple collar for a simple jacket, paired well with the complicated camouflage print and lace texture. 

And if it does get a little warm, pull the elastic sleeves up and you can remain a trendsetter even indoors.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Prepster!

jacket :: leather racer in bordeaux c/o coach


  1. nice look ; >>
    nice style!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. I love this! The combination of feminine and boyish is awesome! And great way of adding a dash of color with the camo underneath :)

  3. Amazing look ! ;)