Thursday, October 31, 2013

COACH Leather Racer :: THREE Prepster

When I was younger flashback to childhood my two favorite colors were blue and pink, and surprisingly they still are. Although pink frequently makes it into my outfits of the day, I've always avoided too much blue for one reason or another. That stops today!

Since I've planned for my outfit to contain a majority of blue, let's start with the other pieces. First, a pair of classic, dual-texture booties is a must, and roll the bottom of your jeans up for a little extra flair.

Next, a neutral colored bag to complement the booties, and of course to balance out the vibrant blues of the outfit.

One of my newest acquisitions for this fall/winter season, this sweater provides just the right amount of preppy with casual loving the texture too! And why stop at that? Let's add a polka dot chambray shirt underneath to truly bring your inner prepster out. 

And to complete the outfit and pull everything together, a bordeaux colored jacket to contrast all the blues in the outfit. The color of this jacket also pairs extremely well with your neutral tones like cognac mentally noted.

And there you have it, a nearly all blue outfit that will keep you looking sharp and fashionable. I'll definitely be putting this on repeat for the season!

jacket :: leather racer in bourdeaux c/o coach


  1. awesome|!! ;.>>

    i invite to me too

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  3. Loving that maroon with the blue.
    lovely colors my dear:)

    xoxo, Jules
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  5. nice warm and soft winter complete outfit... jacket looks superb and really good for the cold winter days...

  6. Great outfit, a little preppy for my taste but it still looks great. I love those shoes! I have been looking at a lot of indie clothing shops for shoes like those. I really need to revamp my wardrobe. Everything I have is pretty much outdated.