Tuesday, October 29, 2013

COACH Leather Racer :: ONE Casualite

Fall and the cold, windy weather that accompanies my favorite season of the year is officially here. So when this buttery-soft leather jacket arrived in the mail, I was more than ecstatic for I knew what it meant for my upper half eternal warmth!

I wanted to do something casual with the jacket and dress it down a bit, so I added floral pants to the mix which I've found to be a great piece to soften up more rigid outfits and items.

The cozy sweater underneath also softens the edgy toughness of the leather jacket so that it instantly transforms into something that can be lounged in on a slow, casual Tuesday.

To give the outfit an even more casual vibe, I rolled and cuffed the pants in addition to pairing them with a pair of ankle booties. End result? An effortless yet put together casual outfit.

Plus, I'm a sucker for any deep red & floral combination.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, coming up tomorrow!

jacket :: leather racer in bordeaux c/o coach


  1. cute|!! ;-)))

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  2. Fantastic! Your jacket is perfect, love the color so much ^_^ And of course the creamy sweater underneath makes it stand out even more :)

  3. What a great look! Those shoes go perfectly and I also love what you did with your hair. So pretty and stylish! Love it.

  4. Nice leather jacket! I've recently tossed my old & worn favorite faux leather one to invest in something nicer this year hehe I like that you've got one in a color other than black!!

  5. you're killing it in this outfit. Love!