Sunday, September 29, 2013

Skincare Sundays :: Joey New York

After long days, whether at work or out and about, I'm always looking for something that can give my face a light and refreshing cleanse without having to redo or remove my makeup. I've tried my share of spray toners, and have even reviewed a few here, but let me introduce you to my current favorite that has been integrated into my life these past few weeks: Joey New York's 'Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist'.

First, this chill mist is made from young green tender coconut water conveniently packed with potent antioxidants and essential minerals. I love the fact that I can use this not only on my face, but also for my body and even hair! When my face is feeling dry and I need that refreshing pick-me-up, this chill mist definitely delivers the punch I need to feel like I just started my day.

Second, the spray can is designed with continuous mist technology so you can apply a very even coat, as opposed to toners that require you to press down on the nozzle multiple times can you say uneven coverage?

And finally, the Joey New York 'Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist' comes in two great scents - Natural Paradise and Natural Passion. The scents aren't too overwhelming, like some other toners I've tried, and has just the right amount of scent to complement the refreshing feeling. So if you're looking for a new mist toner to try the continuous mist technology alone should be a deal sealer I'd definitely recommend the Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist - and remember, you can use it on your skin and hair too!

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