Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 Ways To Wear The COACH Honey Bootie :: TWO Trendsetter

classic boots versatile enough for a not so classic outfit 

Today's Coach Honey Bootie outfit is for the trendy girl, one who loves to follow trends, mix prints, and try new things. One of the reasons why I chose to style the Honey Bootie out of all of Coach's other boots is because this pair looks great no matter how you wear it. There's some boots where you would look out of place wearing to work, or with ever changing trends, but that's not the case here!

We start out this outfit with the same pair of beloved Coach Honey Booties

Except this time we're going to bring the classic leather bootie somewhat out of its comfort zone!

Start with a graphic tee or tank: Here I've got on a multiple cat printed muscle tee although you can't really see it with a pair of overall shorts over the tee. Overall shorts and overalls in general seem to be slowly creeping their way back onto the streets, and if you didn't have a chance to try them out in the Summer, they work equally as well in Fall wardrobes with tights or booties! Throw on a plaid shirt for a mixed print look! Mixing plaid with graphics isn't done often and I'd definitely consider it trending ahead.

Keep your accessories simple but edgy, I've decided to go for a purse and bracelets with studs. The leather washed out black Honey Booties give the look a rugged, edgy effect which I love! I am especially loving the booties with plaid flannel! I'm telling you, they're the perfect Fall boots.

And that concludes my look for the trendsetter. Convinced yet that you need these boots? If you're still skeptical, come back tomorrow :)



  1. nice look ; )0

    i invite to me too


  2. Love those booties!!



  3. I love the denim short-alls! I wish I had more places to wear them to.. I realized I have a lot of casual clothes I can't easily style for work either because it's too revealing or they're too short for the office policy LOL But those booties are so cute! I could see myself wearing them for both work and weekends :)

    The Weekend Diary

  4. so cute. the color of your MAC is beautiful. love the 90s vibe and the photos are gorge!


  5. Such a gorgeous look! Love those booties!

    XO Imke