Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Transitions with GiGi New York :: ONE Casualite

No doubt by now you've seen all the stores, big and small, slowly transitioning their racks from Summer to Fall. The start of a new season my favorite season means that I'm also trying to transition my wardrobe for the fleeting California Autumn. One of my biggest purchases that I wanted to make this season was a colder weather work tote. Don't get me wrong, I still love my beautiful Coach Rory Satchel for work, but I just wanted something darker for the Fall and Winter. I had previously been using a Red Longchamp all year round, but it's just not cutting it anymore in court. 

Of course I started this hunt for a new Autumn/Winter work tote much earlier than the seasons would have dictated, but I couldn't help it. After much browsing, I settled on the GiGi New York Brown Carry All Tote in Vachetta Leather and I'm in love. My criteria for this new work bag of mine was the same as when I picked up the nude Coach Rory for the Summer. I wanted something sturdy, structured, and versatile. The GiGi New York Brown Carry All is definitely all the above and more. This whole week will be focused on this beautiful tote with a '3 Ways To Wear' series, a review of the tote, and of course, a 'What's in my bag'!

When I first received this tote, I knew it was going to be a classic that would be used over and over again. Although it might deceive and lead you to believe it's only good for work, it actually functions beautifully as a casual tote. Although it's structured and leather, the rich cherry mahogany brown color allows it to perfectly complement more casual colors and patterns. 

This outfit is what I ran errands in all day yesterday. A comfortable pair of floral skinnies, the softest striped tank ever, a paneled denim shirt for warmth, all topped off with a pair of red flats! My tote carried everything I needed for the day and with four little gold feet on the bottom, I didn't have to worry about scratching the leather while setting it down all around town!

Doesn't matter if I'm running to grab a quick bite or strolling around the mall, this tote's been going everywhere! Stay tuned for my work look tomorrow with this same tote!

tank :: h&m
chambray shirt :: madewell
pants :: madewell
shoes :: madewell
brown carry all tote :: gigi new york


  1. nice bag !!

    nice !!! new post

  2. I love brown and denim combo, it looks so vivid and stylish, and so does this outfit ^_^ The bag is a dream!

    Blah, I know, I try to stay away from stores just because of their awesome autumn collections :D

  3. You look lovely! <3
    Florals look good with stripes, I should test this out.

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  5. I would totallt wear this! I need fall to come faster