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Skincare Sundays :: Weleda Review

weleda skinfood review & weleda wild rose creamy body wash review

Today's Skincare Sunday post is a review of two items from Weleda, an all natural line of skincare and body care products that I've been dying to try. The first item is the cult favorite Weleda Skinfood Cream and the second item is the Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash. I have truly been loving these items, even more so than I thought I would! Instead of reviewing these two items on their own, I thought it would be more useful to do a comparison review between some of my favorite products in the lotion department and the body wash department. 

First up are hand lotions. I'm a hand lotion junkie. My hands are always dry and any lotion that claims to banish dry skin in a heartbeat will be in my shopping cart in less than a heartbeat. However when searching for hand creams, I do have a few things that I look for. I like something that feels creamy, uses natural ingredients, and will immediately make my hands feel soft.

I've tried a lot of hand lotions and almost all of the cult favorites but the four lotions pictured above are the ones that I've really loved and would recommend. I wanted to do a review of all four lotions, comparing textures, results, prices, and overall quality. So for any of you who are looking for a new hand lotion or who maybe have wanted to try one of the above, keep reading!

From left to right: L'occitane, Jurlique, Weleda, F.A.B.

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream: This has always been my favorite hand cream and I've been using it for a little more than three years. It's nourishing, absorbs quickly, and has a light scent. As you can see from the photo above, the texture is creamy, but definitely not the creamiest of the four. I think I've always gone back to this lotion because it was the first thing that cured my dry, peeling cuticles gross I know. The only thing I would say about this lotion is that it's slightly on the lighter side of things I love creamy, rich hand lotions but in its defense, it really does work, so I've always kept a tube on my nightstand. 

Jurlique Hand Cream: The Jurlique hand cream is amazing. It's rich, creamier than L'occitane, and really does cure any dryness in my hands almost instantly. I would buy this over and over again but it's simply too expensive. $25 buys you a small 1.4oz tube, granted a little goes a long way, but when you can get a 5.2oz tube of L'occitane for about $28, I really can't justify the Jurlique hand cream when the result isn't too different from the L'occitane cream. I would say this is definitely a splurge item, nice to have but not necessary. However, the Jurlique Rose Love Balm is a great substitute item to have and works wonders on dry cuticles! See my review here

Weleda Skinfood: This is my new favorite. Ever. From the light, fresh, herbal scent to the creamy, rich texture, this cream is hands down one of the best. It does leave hands feeling a bit more greasy than L'occitane and Jurlique but I don't mind. If you massage it in for about 30 seconds to a minute, it's not too bad. I like this one because my hands continue to feel moisturized long after I've used this. Pansy is one of the key ingredients in this cream and it helps to calm dry irritation. The calendula flower helps to nourish skin and keep skin soft and glowing. Skinfood can actually be used anywhere you have dry skin including the face, elbows, feet, etc. I haven't been brave enough to try it on my face, but I've heard great things! The price isn't bad either, $19 for 2.5oz, and of course, this cream is all natural. 

F.A.B. Ultra Repair Cream: This cream, unfortunately, is my least favorite of the bunch. It is also a cream that can be used for dry skin anywhere so it's convenient to throw in your bag but I find it too light for my preferences. It leaves hands feeling smooth, but in an unnatural, silicone type of way. While it does moisturize, I find myself needing to reapply every once in a while. However it does absorb very quickly and I still do keep it around because sometimes when my hands aren't too dry I'll just throw this on as a preventative type of lotion. 

I also wanted to do a comparison review of two of my favorite Rose scented body washes. The first is the Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash and the second is the Lush Turkish Delight Shower smoothie. Both are rose scented, both are moisturizing, but I prefer one over the other. 

From left to right: Weleda, Lush

Weleda: This product is exactly as described, creamy and wild rose scented. The rose scent isn't extremely over-powering and doesn't linger on the skin. I love that this product is natural but still lathers nicely, it's a great substitute for shaving cream. It washes off clean but doesn't leave my skin squeaky. It's the perfect Summer transitioning to Fall body wash as it gives your skin a slight moisture boost as the dry, colder weather rolls around. 

Lush: I love the way this product smells, it smells like pure roses. However I'm not too fond of the whipped texture. It makes it a pain to deal with in the shower. It tends to stay in chunks when you dig the product out of the tub and it doesn't spread that well on your shower lathering tool of choice (loofah, sponge, etc.). However it is creamy and it does lather well once you've got it going. I don't like to use this body wash when I'm hurry but once in a while I do like to pull it out just for the scent! 

Overall I would say I much prefer the Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash for everyday use, especially when the weather changes, but the Lush one isn't a bad choice either if you've got time or patience!

Hope you all enjoyed this week's reviews. These two Weleda items are definitely winners in my beauty cabinet. I can't wait to try more Weleda products and will definitely be reviewing more as I try them! Check out Weleda here. 

p.s. You can also buy Weleda at your local Whole Foods!

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