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Skincare Sundays :: Pureology Hair

pureology sea-kissed texturizer :: pureology gold definer :: pureology bodifying luminator

Today's Skincare Sunday post is a review of three hair products from Pureology, available as a 'Highlight Heaven Perfect4Platinum Kit'. I don't often mention hair products because I don't really experiment with hair products but I've been testing out three new products and thought that it would be fun to post a review! All three of these products are geared towards those who have highlights and although I don't have professional highlights, I have developed some natural highlights that I've been looking to emphasize!

Pureology Sea Kissed Texturizer

I'm a sucker for hair texturizers, especially ones that claim to give hair a beach wave effect. The only problem is, most beachy hair sprays contain salt which can dry out already dry hair. The Pureology Sea Kissed Texturizer is different from most because it's salt free!!! I have to admit I was skeptical at first, I wasn't convinced that a salt free spray could give the beach texture I crave during the Summer. But this Pureology texturizer didn't disappoint. It's lightweight, smells like a mix between clean and almost coconut-y, and gave my locks some texture without a grimy, drying effect that a lot of salt texturizers tend to leave.

Pureology Gold Definer

The gold definer is described as a contoured shine gel for highlighted hair. This shine gel is infused with gold mica and helps to control frizz while emphasizing highlights. We had a couple of raining days in July and of course when it's wet outside, my hair turns into a frizz ball. So I tried this gel during those days and it controlled my frizz like a charm. I couldn't really tell if it actually brought out highlights but I like it enough as a frizz control gel that I would use it regardless!

Pureology Bodifying Luminizer

This product was the final product I tried from Pureology and it's a volumizing foam for highlighted hair. Whenever I can, I always try and use some sort of volumizer at my roots as my hair is naturally straight and now that it's long, it tends to just fall flat more often than not! This product does a great job providing volume and I did find that it added shine to my hair. The foam is also very lightweight and didn't leave my hair feeling as if I had product in it, which I absolutely hate.

Overall I think the Pureology products are great Summer hair products and if you've got highlights, these are great for bringing those highlights out! The 'Perfect4Platinum Kit' is now available in salons for $58. Check out Pureology here!


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