Friday, August 16, 2013

Fall Transitions with GiGi New York :: What's In My Bag

The last time I did a 'What's In My Bag' post, I didn't really show any of the things that I carried for work on a daily basis. I do have a few work essentials that I bring everywhere.

The first thing that I will take no matter where I'm going is a small notebook. I've gone through many of these just to jot down notes, write down to-do lists, and keep track of good eats or cool places to stop by. Having gone through multiple small pocket notebooks, I know what I like and don't like for on-the-go notes. One of my favorite pocket notebook is created by Graphic Image. Their Pocket Notes journal is the perfect pocket notebook and is made with leather for durability and gold-edged, lined pages for that special touch that sets it apart from other notebooks. Although it's made out of leather, it's very light and doesn't take up much room!

I can't live without a planner and I start scoping out planners for the new year around August of the current year. I find that this is when I start having to plan ahead for court dates and hearings for the new year. This year I've picked a Navy leather planner with gold-edged pages to match my pocket notebook. It's rare to find professional looking planners that come in other colors besides black, but the Graphic Image Daily Journal Planners come in a wide selection of colors from Navy to Olive to even the brights!

The one of many things I love about this Graphic Image planner is that each day is divided up by the hour with plenty of room to write down all the events of the day. I love planners that give me enough room to jot down my appointments and extra notes!

Whether you already have a job or are fresh out of college, a black portfolio is a must. Portfolios are great for interviews and I always bring one to court in addition to my client files, of course. 

What's impressive about this portfolio is that it's all leather, even on the inside. With a gusseted pocket, there's also a lot of room for extra papers and cards!

And the last thing I carry, which is also my favorite, is my business card holder. There's a few things I love in particular about this specific Graphic Image cardholder. First, it looks like a little envelope. Second, it's red leather. Third, it's unique, feminine, but professional. 

If you're looking for some office or back-to-school supplies, or even just some planners and journals that will hold up and last through a year's worth of love, check out Graphic Image!


  1. nice!!!

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  2. I am the exact same when it comes to has to be beautiful and I am the most envious person ever of your collection right now!



  3. i love your planner, so classic! i am constantly using my personal planner during my school year. i am in love with yours!

    lindsey louise

  4. That mini envelope is so cute I could die *_*