Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Ways To Wear Office Gear :: THREE Office Girl

My last office look for the series!

This outfit is simple, neutral, girly, but still professional - my favorite kind of office outfit. 

Because the entire outfit is so simple, I can get away with some fun rings!

All this look requires is a white blouse and black pants. A blouse with a rounder Peter Pan type collar is my choice for a girlier look. 

And of course if you don't like genie pants, you can opt for a black pencil skirt or straight black pants. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Ways To Wear series!

shirt :: forever 21
pants :: h&m
purse :: chanel
rings :: shoplately
shoes :: zara


  1. Love the idea of wearing these comfy trousers to work :) especially if you're sitting behind a desk all day, jeans can get quite uncomfortable by the time you're done! Great look :) xo

  2. lovely outfit! those trousers look soo comfy!

  3. cute!!

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  4. Great outfit! I like these pants, they are so comfortable yet chic with heels and the top!

  5. Cute look! I've been loving black and white recently!

  6. i remember this chic look! so great seeing you last week, i hope we can actually hang out soon! xx

  7. I have been loving black and white outfits! This is such a great post, especially loving the bag! xx

  8. It look like a comfy office outfit too as opposed to the usual stiff necks and structured materials! x