Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skincare Sundays :: Burt's Bees

My skin has been crazy recently, in a bad way. It's been breaking out non-stop and all my old tricks have failed me. As a result, I've been plastering my skin with masks and treatments day and night. While this intensive routine has somewhat cured my problems, it has also left my skin extremely dry, flaky, and just...well, dry. This complicates the situation because although my skin is dry, I'm afraid to use anything too oily as it might just break me out again, thereby perpetuating a vicious cycle. So I've been on the hunt for some heavy duty moisturizing products that can help balance my skin out without clogging my pores and causing more break outs. 

The first thing that I've switched up in my daily skincare routine is my cleanser. The Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser does exactly what it claims to do, hydrate. I'm only using this at night as I'm afraid that it might be too much for day time use. This cleanser contains clary sage which is great at trapping and retaining moisture. So far this cleanser has been excellent, pulling out the day's dirt while helping keep my dry skin at bay. A definite must for anyone who has dry skin!

In addition to a new cleanser, I've also started using a new day lotion. I usually use a very light gel moisturizer during the day since my skin is usually on the oily side. However since my skin's been so dry, gel moisturizers still leave my skin dry and flaky which is not a good look. The Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion is amazing because it's hydrating but absorbs extremely quickly so that your skin isn't left feeling oily. And again, this lotion has clary sage which helps the skin retain moisture. 

With a moisturizing cleanser at night and a moisturizing but light lotion for the day, my dry skin has been almost restored to its normal self! 

P.S. the best part about these products is that they're natural! 


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