Friday, July 19, 2013

3 Summer Essentials :: THREE Night Owl

something white

This outfit is perfect for a night out in the Summer and I know this is true because I just wore this outfit to a Poshmark event last week. 

Although it's not really an outfit I'd wear to grab a few Friday night drinks with friends, it's definitely a great outfit for date night or for casual or slightly dressy events. 

My Summer essential in this look? Something white. White is perfect for Summer and to avoid look too boring, I make sure that there are enough details and textures to keep things interesting. And although you can't tell too well from the pictures, my skirt is actually slightly more cream than the top - a perfect combo in my opinion. 

Accessories, go easy and dainty but unconventional. Rings that sit higher on the finger are in right now and I can see why, I haven't stopped wearing this set from Shoplately since it came in the mail. And of course, I'm always rocking the Coach classics. 

Since the whole outfit is white, you can play with your shoes. Go for something very bright and colorful or something classic like red. Either way, you can't go wrong when you're pairing with white!

Happy Friday everyone!

purse :: coach
shoes :: zara
rings :: c/o shoplately


  1. perfect look ! love it : )

  2. Amazing look! Nice background for photo shooting :)


  3. Lovely shirt & skirt, dear!