Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Summer Essentials :: ONE Casualite

accessorize without accessories

Lately I've been sorting through my closet to see what I have and what I don't have so that when I go shopping which I've been trying not to do, and rather successfully if I might add, I can shop more effectively for what I truly need as opposed to what I want. 

Although I'm not doing my normal 5 Ways To Wear this week, I thought it would be fun to do a short three series post on some of my wardrobe essentials, particularly for the Summer. 

My first Summer wardrobe essential is a top with some sort of statement detailing such as studs, jewels, or an intricate design. I'm not a big fan of accessorizing during the Summer; it's simply too hot to load up on the chains, gems, and beads. However, a top with something unique will create the same effect as accessories do without the added weight and inconvenience. This short sleeve gem-sleeved shirt, thanks to StyleSays, has been a go-to top of mine. 

The best part about an embellished top is that you can keep the bottoms as simple and as comfortable as you would like! Here I just opted for super comfortable but structured washed out olive shorts. 

A great way to carry things in the Summer? A simple clutch. 

Check out StyleSays for great Summer tops, fashion inspiration, and much more!

top :: stylesays
clutch :: zara


  1. just love the top :)

  2. Really great look!
    Love the tee ;)

  3. fine blouse!!!

    new post

  4. You look excellent! Love the way you've styled the top.
    That bag is pretty amazing as well!

  5. Trust me, I've tried very hard to keep myself away from shopping. About to break down though.

    Lovely top. I like the stones on the sleeves.

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  6. Gorgeous! Love your top !!

  7. Great tips. The bedazzled clothing makes a lot of sense. Sadly (or happily?) in Miami it's so hot and humid all the time that ruling out heavy statement jewelry would mean not wearing it, like ever. Lol. But if I'm gonna be out all day or walking to class, for example, I definitely gravitate towards a simple top, some shorts or a skirt, and open-toed shoes. Those are a must!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  8. Oh that clutch has such an interesting design *_* amazing!
    I love all your posts and tips dear, not just the "5 ways to wear" :)