Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Springtime With Coach :: THREE Night Owl

So, I'll admit, this may not be the first look that pops into your head when you're looking for something to wear for a night out. It's definitely not your traditional night owl look, but it could definitely work for a casual mid-week dinner date with the girls. 

Nude and denim are a must in my book. I can't pinpoint the reason as to why I love this combination so much but light denim and nude is definitely a pair to try this Spring. 

My favorite part is the fact that I can lug around my trusty Coach Legacy Leather Rory Satchel even for dinner. All the denim helps to ease the structured tote out of daytime mode and into after work fun!

Hopefully my three ways to style a nude bag has inspired all of you to give nude a try this season, I promise you'll get hooked! Stay tuned for a peek at what I carry in my Coach bag!

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  1. nice pics; DD

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  2. Love this denim on denim combo !!

    XX Luba

    Beautiful ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

  3. Wow, you just rock the denim on denim look! :D
    Nice pictures!


  4. rockin' the double denim! xx

  5. I love the look and you look fab as usual ...the shoe definitely grabs my attention <3..have a happy week ahead!!!


  6. adorable look ! love it !

  7. Love love this take on denim on denim. The jeans look like they were made for you, wha an awesome fit!! And I totally agree about nude + denim, I'm on the hunt for a nude bag to add to my collection this season! You look great!

    xo freshfizzle