Friday, May 3, 2013

Springtime With Coach :: Legacy Rory Satchel Review & What's In My Bag

I know you're curious. 

As you've probably realized by now, I've been in love with my new Coach Legacy Rory Satchel in nude! The color is perfect for Spring and it fits everything I need for work and play! I wanted to do a review of this bag because I love it so much and just in case any of you are on the hunt for a new Coach bag, or just a new bag in general! Above is what I carry with me on a daily basis. And yes, it all fits with room to spare.

From left to right:

1. Gum :: to help me stay awake while driving; I'm more of the mint type.
2. iPhone :: I love tweeting about interesting articles and funny license plates; follow me here.
3. Headphones :: Dr Dre knows how music should sound.
4. Cosmetic bag :: holds my lotion, blister block, makeup, tea - yes tea, you name it and it's in here!
5. Keys :: can't get anywhere without these.
6. Wallet & business card holder :: people always ask me for a card when I don't have one.
7. Sunglasses :: a must if you don't want wrinkles. 
8. Macbook :: my favorite book. 
9. Coin pouch :: froggy obviously needs to stop eating. 
10. Notebook :: didn't know Moleskine made notebooks in houndstooth until I went to Target!
11. Pen :: multicolored so that I save room but still have options. 
12. Book :: because I hate waiting with nothing to do but facebook and instagram
13. Lip balm :: The Body Shop's strawberry lip balm was my high school favorite and they now have it in tube form!

This bag has seriously been going everywhere with me. It's replaced my beloved red Longchamp that I use for work and I have no regrets. The leather feels thick and buttery, almost like the Coach Classic leathers. Although it's fairly structured and maintains its shape very well when full, it slouches in all the right places when carried. Although I've been lugging it from the office, to court, to dinner after work, there are virtually no signs of wear granted I've only had it for about a week but no scratches, no clothes color transfer, nothing. The leather has softened up a bit, which I like, but other than that it appears still brand new! 

I love how this bag comes with leather tassels in addition to the traditional Coach hang tag. The tassels make the bag feel more modern and a bit younger. Did you know that Coach actually sells the Tassel key rings and they're $38 on their own? I'm definitely happy that this bag came with two! 

On the back of the bag, there is a roomy zip pocket. I usually like when the front of my bag has at least one pocket so that I can store my essentials in there for easy access. After trying out this back pocket thing for a week, I'm officially a back pocket fan. It keeps the front of your bag looking simple and clean but still gives you the ability to keep your essentials close to hand. This pocket surprised me because from the outside it appeared to be very shallow looks can be deceiving but when I started putting my stuff in, things just kept disappearing! My planner and pen were able to fit vertically with some room left over on top - awesome! 

Another thing that I love about this bag is that the shoulder strap is adjustable/removable. This allows you to wear the bag in 3 different ways - on your arm, as a tote with shoulder strap on longest setting, or as a shoulder bag with shoulder strap on shortest setting. The quality of the strap, just like the bag, is excellent, meaning you can use it on a daily basis without worrying the straps might fall apart. 

As you can see, this bag fits quite a lot. My 13" Macbook fits completely vertical which is amazing. And then I've got a book, a notebook, my cosmetic bag, keys, gum, headphones, hand lotion, wallet, business card holder, sunglasses, and normally you'd see a snack in there as well, but I already ate it :) If you want to take a better look at what's in my bag, see the first picture of the post. I just wanted to give you all an idea of how much room is taken up/still left after I put everything in. 

I hope this review was helpful for those of you considering a new work bag or just a great, high quality everyday bag! Get yours here. Happy Friday!


  1. omg - i love that picture! all of the items look super pretty!! the hello kitty key cover is so cute and the cosmetic bag is great! =)

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  2. lovely bag ;-)0

    i invite to me too

  3. What a great bag! Coach makes such great pieces and they're newest styles have been so on trend!

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  4. That really does look like the perfect work bag!! I didn't realize it could fit that much

  5. I adore such posts!!!

  6. Very pretty bag. The nude colour is perfect for Spring and summer. So spacious too. The bag fits all of your essentials.

  7. woah!
    i hope theres size for my 15" macbook too lol
    cute frog pouch ❤

  8. wow!
    thats a very nice coach bag =)


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