Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday

to the one behind the pictures

I started this blog with no intentions for it to go anywhere, it was just something to keep me busy in the interim between finishing school and starting work. I called Andrew one morning and told him about this new adventure I had finally decided to embark on I had been reading fashion blogs since college and always wanted to start one but never had the time. Like all things, he immediately offered to help. 

I was skeptical about Andrew's photography skills and I had good reason to be. Getting just one picture where the body looked naturally cropped at the waist instead of painfully amputated at the hands was like trying to pull out the most stubborn of your wisdom teeth. 

But when I told Andrew that I seriously wanted to do this, he told me that he seriously wanted to be my photographer. Hours of work went into learning how to take the pictures that he takes for me today. He's visited more blogs than I ever have, studying each picture's composition, angle, and lighting. He's read forums, visited camera shops, and browsed catalogues. He even taught me how to pose. 

Fashion blog photographers can sometimes be forgotten amidst all the sequins, polka dots, and stilettos. But without them, there would be no blog. Even I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have someone who has learned a whole new skill just for me. 

He's patiently behind the camera retaking a picture for the 20th time because my one strand of hair was out of place, he's not afraid of getting parallel to the ground to get the perfect shot of my shoes, and he has always been there to gently remind me how far we've come when I've felt like quitting. Fashion blogging isn't easy but being a fashion blogger's photographer definitely requires something special.

So today, on this tiny plot of the internet that you've helped me create, I wanted to say Happy Birthday Andrew. I notice the way you hold your breath until the picture is taken to make sure you're perfectly still, I see the sweat dripping down your face when we've been shooting under the sun, and I know that  you have one weathered knee from all the rocks, dirt, and concrete that its met I wish you'd just wear a knee pad. 

Without you, this blog wouldn't be what it is today. I know I may not always be the easiest to work with but thank you from the deepest place in my heart for being my photographer, my boyfriend, and my best friend. 

Happy Birthday dear Andrew.  



  1. What a sweet post <3 Happy birthday to the man behind the camera!!


  2. This is so sweet! I hope he has a wonderful birthday :)

  3. So sweet. It's important to have supportive people in our lives. And isn't it funny how a personal blog can turn into quite a big project? Your blog is great; your fashion is fantastic; and Andrew's photography deserves an award.

    Keep it up, girl!

  4. Aww...that's so cute! Happy Birthday Andrew! He takes great photos!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  5. AWWWW, this post is so sweet and almost reminds me of my boyfriend :( I love the way you show your appreciation for Andrew in this post, woohoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!