Monday, April 29, 2013

Springtime With Coach :: ONE Casualite

I was never really someone who thought that you needed a bag in two colors, a darker for the Winter and a lighter for the Spring. But when I got my Coach Satchel in cognac two Springs ago, I almost instantly changed my mind. That bag seriously went everywhere with me. Cognac has traditionally been my Spring bag color of choice until I recently discovered nude. It's the lighter, fresher, cleaner version of cognac and I've been opting for nude over cognac in every department. That's why I've partnered up with Coach to show you my favorite ways to style the Legacy Leather Rory Satchel for Spring!

I never opted for nude because I always felt it was too stuffy, too professional. But as of late, I've been loving the lighter look paired with brights colors, prints, and graphics! The nude forces the rest of the outfit to grow up, just a little.

My favorite part about this bag is that it has both handles and shoulder straps which allow it to easily go from work to casual and vice versa. The shoulder strap keeps your hands free for those weekend shopping trips but hook the handles on your arm for a more polished weekday look!

Stay tuned for my work look with this bag tomorrow!

skirt :: jcrew factory
belt :: forever 21
shoes :: madewell 


  1. love your skirt! <3

  2. Ooh I love this! That bag is gorgeous! I'm not usually one for nude bags but it is a great shade!

  3. Such an adorable outfit!

  4. So stinking cute Lucy, i absolutely love this!!


  5. That cat top is adorable - dressed down yet girlie I LOVE IT!

  6. I love the skirt and the satchel is pretty good too!

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  7. super bag ;-)0

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  8. I am loving Coach bags ! They are stunning !

    XX Luba

    Beautiful ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

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  10. super cute bag, outfit and photos! love the combo of the cat tee and skirt. I agree, nudes balances out the colours and makes it all feel a bit more professional and grown up! xx

  11. I recently bought a nude Coach bag - this same color - that has coral outlines on it. I love it because it's still neutral and professional but has that fun and young flavor! Coach is the best :)

  12. cute photos! love the skirt :)