Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Disguise x TJ Maxx :: Spring Trend Black & White

As much as I enjoy wearing my pastels & neons during the Spring, I equally love sleek, chic, black & white. It's simple, clean, and a nice change of scenery. TJ Maxx not only satiated my craving for all pieces black & white, they had an amazing selection of colorful, metallic, and neutral accessories to complement this yin & yang mood I've been stuck in!


shirt :: tj maxx
dress :: tj maxx
belt :: tj maxx
clutch :: tj maxx
shoes :: tj maxx

I bet I know what you're thinking, "Finally, this girl does a non-colorful look that I might actually try for work!" I know I'm usually all about injecting color into the office, but black & white has its perks. Since the two colors are so conservative, you can easily mix different textures into the look to set yourself apart from everyone else wearing black and white at the office. Lace & leather are classic together, and in small doses, there's no reason why you can't wear them to work. 

There's three ways I like to wear black & white: with color, with metallics, and with other neutrals. For work, I like the neutrals family with black & white because it looks classy but still girly & fashionista-esque. Although some might say brown & black should never be mixed, I beg to differ. I absolutely love the combination of nude/cognac with black. 

I was ecstatic when I found that my local TJ Maxx had similar colored items in almost every accessory department - made my life a whole lot easier! Good thing TJ Maxx has me covered on my wardrobe, now all I have to worry about is work!


blouse :: tj maxx
skirt :: tj maxx
belt :: tjmaxx
clutch :: tjmaxx

Ok so I'll admit, black & white most definitely isn't my first choice for a casual look. Why? Because I wear enough of these two colors during the work week so I like to take a dive into the artist's palette when I can! However, I will say that once in a while, I love going with a black & white look for casual fun, but spicing things up with major pattern mixing. Keeps the outfit alive in my opinion!

Don't forget to accent a casual black & white look with fun shoes, and of course, colorful accessories. 


Ok so maybe I change my mind, I might opt for this option first next time I have a casual day!


blouse :: tj maxx
blazer :: tj maxx
clutch :: tj maxx

One thing about Spring that I'm not too keen about: chilly nights. It makes things difficult. I want to wear that cute hot pink mini skirt but I don't feel like freezing my bum off. Solution? Do a boy inspired black & white look that may be a pleasant turn from the predictable exploded rainbow girl. 

Since it's a going out look, I'd definitely accent this outfit with metallics like gold or silver whenever you can. And just as an fyi, a metal tipped collar blouse is one of my closet staples easily dressed up or down and TJ Maxx currently has these babies in great "wear with anything" colors like black, white, navy, and mint!

And don't forget that TJ Maxx is giving you all a chance to submit your own Maxx Style Scout looks for a chance to win a $500 TJ Maxx gift card! To enter you must:

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Our MaxxStyle Scouts are making the latest trends their own, and sharing tips for ways to express yourself through fashion. You never know what you'll find at TJ's - the possibilities to express your personal style are endless.

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  1. fine look ; DD

    i invite to me too


  2. Ooooh, love every outfit so far. I like injecting color into outfit too, but sometimes the classic black and white, looks gorgeous as well.
    And you did a magnificent job with it!

  3. classy and gorgeous outfits, the 2nd one is my favorite; I love the mix of prints and that necklace! x

  4. oh my god, your looks are always simply perfect!! <3
    I love all of the three. You can do nothing wrong with black and white!

  5. I love all looks. Cute and beautiful as always ;)
    From province

  6. so adorable!

  7. The Polka Dot shirt is lovely! I'm obsessed with polka dots, especially plain old black and white.