Monday, April 22, 2013

Daily Disguise x Sauza Tequila :: Cinco de Mayo

As Summer weather begins to hit full force, outdoor parties become a warm weather must! Whether you're hosting or attending an outdoor party, you're bound to enjoy one this Spring or Summer! With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, I've partnered up with Sauza Tequila to bring you some of my own outdoor party styling tips for attending or throwing your own Summer party!

For outdoor parties, I always turn to the brightest section of my closet. Bright colors seem like the natural choice for warm weather parties and a Cinco de Mayo party is no exception. I try to stay away from darker bright colors like blues, purples, and greens as darker colors attract the heat and when I'm outdoors in the Summer, even the smallest refuge from heat is much appreciated. Since it's hard to add layers in warm weather, you can naturally add to your look by wearing something printed Aztec and Chevron prints are among my warm weather favorites. Speaking of layers, if you're like me and are obsessed with layering, try a cream colored crochet vest for Spring and Summer. It's much lighter than it's popular cousin, the denim vest, and the texture & color make it the perfect Spring/Summer layer! 

As for what's on the menu at an outdoor party, I like to keep things simple. Cooking most definitely is not my specialty and when the weather's hot, who has a huge appetite anyways? Some light snacks and  refreshments are always a hit with any crowd. My favorites are chips & salsa don't forget to offer at least two levels of spicyness! and some Sauza Blue Sauza-Ritas! Margaritas are so refreshing in the heat and lime flavored anything makes for a great menu item as it's not as sour as lemons but still offers that same, tangy punch that's oh-so-good in the sun. 

If you're thinking about planning your own outdoor party or even just attending one, grab a bottle of Sauza Blue tequila, a bag of limes, and your favorite summer dress - you can't go wrong with any of those three! 

He's equally talented in the saving of lives and the ways of love. And best of all? He's ready pour you a Sauza-rita, and listen as you pour out your feelings. This perfect man is perfectly prepared to help make your ladies night unforgettably fun - with Sauza Blue, of course. Check us out at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sauza® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sauza®.


  1. So colorfull ! A "sunny" outfit ! What is your nail color ?

  2. Pretty~<3


  3. nice!!! ;-))

    nice look ;DD

    new post


  4. you look as beautiful as the weather <3 x

  5. i think that,in this outfit, everything is perfect <3


  6. ¡Hola! Sigo tu blog desde hace tiempo, me gustan tus entradas y tu estilo.
    Me gustaría que te pasaras por el mío y me hicieras follow-back, me haría mucha ilusión :3
    Te importaria pasarte a leer mis blogs?
    Un besito, también tengo twitter y nos podemos hacer followback para no perder el contacto de ninguna forma!
    Jajajaja un beso enorme, espero que estés genial <3

  7. I love this summery outfit - that vest is beautiful and your necklace is perfect!

  8. Great post darling - I absolutely adore your dress! And wow, that drink looks SO delicious :)


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