Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Neon Green Dress :: THREE Office Girl

neon green dress, navy linen blazer, coach classic basic bag, floral blouse, nude heels 

Neons are always a challenge to wear to the office, but I actually think that neon green might be the easiest of the neons to wear to work. Keep reading to see why!

The only way I would ever think of wearing this baby to work is if it gets toned down, way down. The first thing to help mellow things out is to cover up some of the neon. Now here's why I say neon green is the easiest neon to wear to work. Because some amount of green can generally be found in floral print, you can easily match almost any floral with neon green. A floral blouse not only hides some of the green, it's also a great print that goes to work without fuss. 

A belt here is a must, to create some figure. Opt for a nude belt since there's already so much color. Patent nude helps the look stay young and fresh. 

Last step? Nude shoes, brown purse, and of course, navy blazer. I actually love the combo of navy and neon green. With your floral blouse, crisp navy blazer, and ladylike nude accessories, I'd say this neon green dress is definitely going to make it through the work day. 

Happy Hump Day! Hope this post gets you all through the day!

belt :: target


  1. loving that bag! never would've guessed that it was Coach!
    Definitely loved how you managed to tone down that neon green! works so well!

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  3. neon green is not my favorite out of the neon colors but you made a super pretty outfit out of it (: <3

  4. just love this look! great job! :)

  5. Love how you put this all together!