Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Neon Green Dress :: FOUR Prep Star

neon green dress, sweater vest, nude blouse, chelsea boots, classic trench coat

I think this is my favorite way to wear this neon green dress. 

It's all about splashing the neon green against neutrals to create a disguise that's classic yet trendy. It's clean, fresh, but still interesting enough to guarantee you won't be glanced over when donning mostly neutrals. 

Start by buttoning up a nude blouse under the dress. 

A sweater vest is one of my Spring closet essentials. It adds a light layer while still giving your arms the freedom to move around. Black was my color of choice here to stick to the basics as much as possible

Last touch? A classic khaki trench and black booties. 

blouse :: gap
trench :: gap trench coat
vest :: jcrew factory clare shell (on sale for $20!)


  1. gorgeous outfit
    love the dress so much


  2. cute|!!

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  3. This is one of my favorite ways you styled this dress. =)

  4. love how you styled that neon!!

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  6. Love all about of your loook! the neon skirt is so AMAZING, and you look awesome, i just can say wow, simply perfection.

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