Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Neon Green Dress :: FIVE Night Owl

neon green dress, black denim jacket, lucite clutch, lucite heels

Sometimes when I'm going out with the guy it can be hard to get dressed in neon colors. But if it's a night out with the girls, you best bet I'll show up as bright as possible - color is never lost on the girls!

All black keeps neon green wearable and ready for a night out. I rarely wear my hair up but I thought it would be fun to go with a high ponytail and dumpy bangs for this outfit. It adds a certain girly playfulness.   

I didn't want to burden this look with heavy studs, metals, etc. so lucite seemed like the natural choice to take the outfit off the grunge path and onto the mod one.   

Andrew tried to capture my annoyed nose scrunch but of course I wasn't willing to cooperate so we were left with this awkward, awkward, half smile instead. Who cares, it's Friday!

jacket :: american eagle denim jacket (similar)
belt :: forever 21(similar)
clutch :: sephora


  1. AMAZING!! Love the dress and how you styled it!

  2. Haha, this reminds me of the oh, so famous song "It's friiidaay friidaay" :D
    Love your cute hairdo!

  3. cute jacket ;DD


    i invite to me too

  4. Good point about wearing black with neon colors. It would definitely subdue the color.

  5. You are so cute love your oufit & you! <3

  6. I'm obsessed with this green dress - the neon is incredible! and your heels are super cute. Love the whole look!