Sunday, March 24, 2013

Skincare Sundays :: Mario Badescu

my skin's saving grace

I've probably said this before but every time the seasons change, my skin feels the need to change as well. As of lately, my skin is constantly dry and any moisturizer I use seems to get zapped the moment I step out into the dry, warm air. As a result my skin has been dull, dull, and dull. 

So for the past two weeks, I decided to try a brand that I had previously turned to only when I had oily, troubled skin love the mario badescu drying lotion. But turns out, they also excel in the exact opposite of pimple ridden skin. 

The first product that I added to my routine was the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. The description convinced me that it was exactly what my dull skin needed and after using it for the past two weeks, it was what I needed and more. 

Description: Bring your dull, dry skin back to life. A creamy combination of papaya extract and vitamin E oil restores needed moisture and promotes exfoliation for a nourishing treatment for your skin.

Texture: Thick, creamy, and absolutely a dream for dry skin. You just spread a thin layer all over your face, let it sit for about 20 minutes while you're painting your nails or cleaning your room! Then wash off with warm water. The mask doesn't completely dry on the face, but I like that because it doesn't suck away any moisture. 

Verdict: This mask does exactly what it claims to do. After washing off the mask, my face was soft, revitalized, and even had a slight glow to it. My skin didn't feel tight and I might have even been okay without another moisturizer, but I'm one to always use moisturizer just for good measure! 

After the mask, I followed up with the Vitamin C Serum. Serums are always a must in my skincare routine. They aren't heavy but pack a punch of goodness for your skin. I specifically chose this serum because Vitamin C keeps skin tight and bright!

Description: Improve skin's radiance and hydration levels with Mario Badescu's potent, 7.5% ascorbic acid formula. Skin tone will become more even from the brightening effects of the antioxidant vitamin C, while skin's texture is left soft and smooth from the anti-aging powers of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Texture: This serum isn't thick but I was surprised by the fact that it's slightly oily. However since it absorbs quickly and is recommend for night use, I don't mind the slightly oilier texture. In fact, I actually liked the added bit of moisture it provided since my skin has been parched. 

Verdict: Definitely improved the dryness and dullness that I was previously battling. Although I couldn't tell an immediate difference in anti-anging effects, I'm not worried. It's called anti-aging for a reason, so I'll probably notice a difference in 10 years :) Overall, I love this serum and you can never go wrong with more Vitamin C. 

At night after the serum, I opted for the Bee Pollen Night Cream. It has honey and beeswax to help skin retain its moisture. 

Description: Non-greasy, skin-softening overnight cream that improves hydration and moisture levels for a more radiant look by morning. Botanical ingredients like honey extract and beeswax retain skin's natural moisture.

Texture: Not too thick but definitely not light. It's a good in between cream that I would probably not recommend for those who have combination leaning towards oily skin. 

Verdict: Kept my skin hydrated without feeling oily or greasy. I know that the mask, serum, and this cream might sound like moisturizer overkill, but trust me, Mario Badescu does a great job with these products. They work well together and when I wash my face the next morning, I'm left with soft, dewy skin. I've been using the serum and this cream every night for the last two weeks the mask about 2-3 times a week and so far I haven't experienced any breakouts. 

Because the Bee Pollen Night Cream is a bit too thick for day time use, I've been using the Enzyme Protective Cream during the day. Since I'm not using an anti-aging moisturizer at night, this is a good option for the day.

Description: Lightweight, absorbent cream that contains skin rejuvenating Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Papaya Extract and Grapefruit Extract. Softens and smooths skin with Carnation Oil and Vitamin A packed Peanut Oil. 

Texture: Definitely lightweight, it has a gel like quality to it. It's great for day time use and with all the hydrating night products I've been using, my skin feels just fine with this light cream in the morning. 

Verdict: My skin felt hydrated all day but never felt oily or greasy. AHAs and Vitamin A help with anti-aging so I felt good knowing that I had some age fighters in my daytime skincare products (as they're usually in night products). 

Last step, but most important step, eyes. I've been using the Special Eye Cream V for morning and night - and it's done wonders. I think it's my new HG holy grail eye cream. 

Description: Rich and creamy formula made with essential oils and antioxidant Vitamins A and E. Best for dry and mature skin types. Simple, effective and gentle for sensitive eye area. 

Texture: Nice thick eye cream that keeps the eye area hydrated. 

Verdict: LOVE this eye cream. The eye area tends to show age the fastest and it's definitely the one area of my face that I'm always most concerned about. My under eye area always looks tighter and less "wrinkly" when it's well hydrated. But I usually use two eye creams, one for hydration and one for anti-aging, just so I have an extra layer of protection against wrinkles etc. This eye cream however just made my life that much simpler as it combats both aging and dryness in one jar. Plus it's only $18.00 which is amazing for an eye cream as they can get pretty expensive. 

Overall, my skin's been loving Mario Badescu and they seem to have tackled solutions for all types of skin troubles. If your skin has been similarly going through bouts of craziness, try out Mario Badescu, they're relatively not too expensive and have a great range of products for everyone. 


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