Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Disguise x Target :: Spring Trend Bright Lace

Nothing says Spring quite like lace, especially bright lace. My bright lace of choice is Emerald Green, which is flattering on all skin tones & this Spring's 'It' color. Read on to see how I style bright lace for the casualite, the office girl, and the night owl in this second episode of Target Spring Trends series!


Bright lace is perfect for a weekend brunch out on the town with the girls. 

Cuff up your crisp white jeans for a laid back look and metallic is the sure way to go for fun weekend gear. Adding some print to the solid color party will spice things up - floral is my print of choice for this look, Spring appropriate and a healthy dose of some orange, yellow, pink, and blue? I'd be a fool to choose anything else!

Don't be afraid to exercise caution with accessories. Arm candy and a statement necklace might burden this otherwise simpler casual get-up!


Although I preach that work wear doesn't have to be boring, I'll admit that I might be one of the biggest offenders of dark, monochrome office attire especially in the winter. But when the weather warms up, it's like Fashion New Year's Eve for my mind and my closet. Almost overnight I'll find myself with an unexpected surge of newfound energy to work brighter colors and patterns into my office disguise. Bright lace is one of the easiest Spring Trends to work into professional wear as it's refined and polished on it's own. This means that you have a little more room to play with textures, colors, and patterns!

Since lace pieces generally come in solid colors, it's an easy match for almost any pattern. Here I've decided to pair lace with polka dots for a cute, quirky office look. But pair it with some neutral stripes or mini dots Polka Dot 101: the smaller the polka dots, the more conservative the look and you've got an even safer office outfit, without being boring. For accessories I decided on using different shades in the same color family. I love the ombre look when spread throughout the outfit and it works particularly well in the Spring when bright and multi-colored fashion is always revered. 

Finish off your Spring lace office ensemble with some nude heels to balance out the color and a huge smile because how could you not when the weather is perfect and you're going colorful to work? 


Although my guy never complains about the fact that I always take 20 more minutes to get ready for a night out than I originally estimate, I think he secretly wishes I could be on time, or give better ETAs. Part of the reason why I take so long is because it takes me forever to find the perfect disguise to wear you know how it is. But lace makes things easy and is always my go-to to avoid 20 minute mind lock-outs. 

Lace is so easy to dress up and like I said before, plays nicely with others in your closet. 

All you have to do is pull your favorite leather leggings or skirt, grab some arm candy, throw your leopard belt into your statement clutch to put on later during downtime in the car when your guy's looking for parking, I'm a master of time, I know and you'll be out the door 10 minutes earlier than estimated. A bright lace night owl is one look that everyone will appreciate in more ways than one!

floral clutch :: target

Check out these other Target bright lace items that I'm loving and stay tuned for more Daily Disguise x Target Spring Trend posts!

It's Time for Springtime.

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  1. I love how you styled it! I think my favourie look is the one with the polka dot skirt. I would never think to mix teal and navy blue but it actually works! Well done! ;) xx

  2. Ooh! All three of these are great!! I can't even pick a favorite!! Now you have me wanting that top and i don't even wear lace :p

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  8. Love seeing different ways to style the same item! And the top you're working with was a great piece to choose! :) Wonderful outfits!


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    Stop by whenever you like and share some love!
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