Thursday, March 7, 2013

Daily Disguise x Nola Bella

quality statement jewelry like you've never seen before

When the warmer months start rolling around one of the first things I pull out of storage are my statement necklaces. Statement necklaces, whether colorful or not, are such an easy piece to throw on during those sweat inducing months when you just want to wear as little as possible but still look as if you didn't just throw on a tank top and skirt. That being said, I wanted to introduce you all to a jewelry company that has mastered the art of quality statement jewelry that I've recently fallen in love with. 

Nola Bella is a New York based jewelry company that surprisingly, started out in 2002 as only a hobby. Their designs are one-of-a-kind, vintage inspired, and are handmade with 100% attention to quality & detail. What I love about Nola Bella's jewelry is that each piece is well thought out and the choice of non-conventional materials feathers & shells for example just adds that extra one-of-a-kind kick that I'm constantly craving. And you might be thinking, feathers & shells? But trust me, Nola Bella excels in the unique, while keeping things classy. Can't imagine what I mean? Just take a look at this La Plume Necklace. How beautiful would that necklace look over a simple ivory or nude blouse?

What makes me love Nola Bella even more than I already do is the fact that a lot of their pieces are great for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. They have a great range of pieces from bright neons see here to polished neutrals see here. All their pieces easily transition from day to night, which makes them a no-brainer investment piece! 

My current Nola Bella lust list includes the Rhinestone Opera Necklace and the Shell Shock Paua Shell Collar the perfect necklace for a summer day at the beach! 

And of course, the Crystal Fix Silver Necklace is no exception to the quality & design that is Nola Bella. 

Check out Nola Bella's jewelry here & visit their Facebook page here!

blouse :: gap
shirt :: banana republic
clutch :: forever 21


  1. Great sweater and skirt :)

    Love Bo,

  2. KILLER EYELINER, GIRL. i see you!!! ;)

  3. Lovely outfit!

  4. Love this trendy chic look! :)

  5. Love the skirt and necklace Lucy!! So chic and stylish. :)

    xo – Sheila

  6. Gorgeous outfit! Love the soft colors and that necklace is beautiful! Such a statement piece!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. Ahhh, I love the color palette of this outfit and that necklace is BEAUTIFUL! And I love the hint of pink on your cheeks, hehe.

    I got your IG message, let me know when you're free, we can go check out the Middle Eastern eatery :) hehe Or I know of a really good brunch place in Los Gatos called Opa!

    The Weekend Diary

  8. You look beautiful, your outfit is beyond stunning! The colors are great!

  9. Really? The first thing I pull out, in warmer weather, are shorts. Then I realize I need a tan (lol)

    Your necklace is gorgeous. Definitely adds something to an outfit.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  10. such a romantic look, my fave piece is the skirt, beautiful detail

  11. Gorgeous skirt!


  12. i love your ootd! so cute and great for work!

  13. lovely look ; DD

    i invite to me too


  14. That skirt is amazing! WOW! GORGEOUS OUTFIT GIRL!

  15. Love your outfit. The stripes and lace are beautiful and your statement necklace is the perfect touch! Off to check out Nola Bella!

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  16. You are looking amazing! Love the grey stripes over the blushy blouse. Also, that necklace is AMMMMAZE!