Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily Disguise x Diet Dr Pepper :: One Of A Kind Style

Nowadays fashion & style can sometimes feel like chasing someone who hasn't left any footprints. Ever since the fashion industry experienced its own dose of technological injection, the runway seems to have transformed into a moving walkway. We live in a world where fashion billboards are plastered at the turn of every corner, where 'what's in' changes before you've even admired what was in. So what's your one of a kind style in this fast paced world of lipstick & high heels?

My style has been on something like an unsuccessful diet ever since the beginning of college. I go through these phases of different styles and build up a wardrobe of pieces that would theoretically be justified investment items. I say theoretically because justified investment pieces is what those expensive pieces of fabric creations would be had I not switched from one style to the next, as if it were like switching soap brands. 

But of course phases are short lived and so with each 30 minute fashion episode I passed through, both my wallet & my closet cried but each for different reasons obviously. The first was so hungry it was practically eating itself, while the other was so full it could have exploded with even one extra hanger. Favoritism in its worst form if you ask me. 

I remember my introductory step into fashion began with Abercrombie and all its subsidiary brands, as is the case with most high school/early college aged individuals. But the real party started sophomore year of college when I met some of my closest friends. Rina was always ahead of the trend, the star fashionista, though we might not have recognized it then. She was the first to point out my unhealthy cling to cookie cut jeans, sweatshirts, and short skirts. Thanks to her, I knew I had to venture out - but where? Jessica had such an easy cool look, she never looked like she was trying too hard while Rose was definitely the tomboy. Never in a million years would I have guessed that one day I would come to covet the boy meets girl look, sheer brilliance. Diana was the perfect dose of refined, casual, girly girl. 

With the help of those four girls, my style is what it is today. Trendy, girly, easy, with a hint of toughness. And my palate for color, color, & more color? Well that goes to my sister, hands down. 

So what's my one of a kind style? It's the influence of many different looks meshed into one. A style that's been years in the making. Something trendy, something easy, something girly, but all the while tough & colorful. Looks like I didn't have to lose my love of different disguises after all, I just needed some help refining it. 

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With delicious one of a kind taste and zero calories, Diet Dr Pepper is as unique as you are. We know it's a long road to get to who we're meant to be. Along the way, we make choices, we make mistakes, we get up, and we keep going. And like an amazing work of art, we become one of a kind. At Dr Pepper, we celebrate all that makes us an original, from your unique style to adventurous spirit. To check out more one of a kind stories, watch our films at

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  1. Love this look ! The shirt and the bag are gorgeous !

    XX Luba

    White Blazer & Ombre jeans in my look today

  2. I love this, great top, its yellow color is really nice. Eye catching, nice!

  3. the ring is amazing! <3

  4. love your pants and the blouse accented colors
    kw ladies in navy

  5. I'm loving this blouse! And I really liked how you described your style - great writing!

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  7. so chic, love that your outfit is simple yet the details shine through - your shirt is really cute and I'm killing for your heels <3


  8. Tht neon lace is AMAZING, love it esp with those edgy black leggings.

    <3 Cambria

  9. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  10. Amazing outfit, as usual:)

  11. oh i love this look so much <33
    those leather pants are amazing & they look so perfect with the black heels!
    lots of love xx

  12. I can totaly relate to you and your fashion story. I have an overflowing closet full of clothes that I bought on impulse during different phases. And then I still constantly find myself thinking that I have nothing to wear because I'm in another experimental phase. But the last part, I have to say my style is also very feminine meets masculine. I should totally pay more attention to you blog from now on because I really get you =)

    xo, Carla