Monday, February 4, 2013

5 Looks For Valentine's Day :: ONE Girls' Night Out

who says you can't spend Valentine's Day with the girls?

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day but whether you acknowledge it or not, the fact is, it's rapidly approaching. And even for Valentine's Day suckers like me, there's always one question that looms dark over my head as the 'Hallmark Holiday' rapidly approaches, "What should I wear?"

That annoying question that pressures you during the most crucial times of the year when you're hoping much to the contrary that you'll finally catch a break during the already sparingly spread holidays. 

I want to look cute, but not overdone for my date. What do I wear for a Valentine's Girls' Night Out? I hate Valentine's Day but I still have to look presentable for dinner. It's a 'homemade-meal & movie' kind of Valentine's but I don't want to wear pajamas or get too dressed up. WHAT DO I WEAR? 

And the above silent dialogue in your head is exactly why this week's post is 5 looks for Valentine's Day, one look for each type of situation, for each type of girl well 'each' being five. Even if you don't enjoy Valentine's Day, at least you'll have the stress of your outfit out of the way!

This first look is my pick for a girls' night out. It's fun, festive, but still comfortable. Pick any pink or red  baggy sweater for festivity & comfort and pull it over a neutral colored skirt. I picked gold for a little more glam but black, cream, or gray would be just as cute! 

Add a black necklace, some sparkly bracelets, and a black clutch. 

Simple black heels that are short enough to still be comfortable. 

And the Valentine's Day GNO look is finished. 

See the difference some sparkly arm candy and girly rings can make?

sweater :: h&m (similar)
skirt :: asos (similar)
necklace :: forever 21
bow ring :: madewell (similar)
bracelets :: bauble bar
clutch :: forever 21 (similar)
shoes :: zara (similar)
baby kitten ring :: c/o michelle chang
nail polish :: essie minimalistic my all time favorite light pink


  1. Ooo love this outfit!!!! Definitely perfect for a girls night out. :) I love that skirt!

    xo – Sheila
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  2. love the look, the skirt is adorable !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog :: mixing : leopard print pants & striped jersey

  3. its Perfect girl! am sure your date will be impressed ; )! have a good valentine's day! totally love the shoes <3!


  4. Lovely look! Love those heels <3
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  5. Love your look! The skirt is gorgeous! It's perfect for a girls night out

  6. Aaaaw, love the new idea! Can't wait for more valentine outfits :-)

  7. Great great look. The skirt is perfection. I also love those shoes and need to buy. I hope they are still available!
    The Pumpkin Spot

  8. I'm looking forward to this series! Love the clutch - I can't believe it's from F21 :)

  9. Fantastic outfit! I love the skirt is particular and amazing. Very romantic! Kiss kiss

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  10. I like how this V-Day look is festive without being over the top! It's a look you could wear everyday!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. Ahaha I so much enjoyed this post, can't wait for the next four!
    And I absolutely love your outfit! The skirt is a gem!
    Love Coco

  12. I love the ASOS skirt, its bold but not too crazy!
    You're probably the most stylish lawyer around :)

    And it was great meeting you this weekend, I hope we can keep in touch!

    The Weekend Diary

  13. This is such a cute outfit, I love it! Would look great for V-day :)
    Saadiya x

  14. aww so cute. I love how this turned out. =)
    P.S. SO fun meeting you. You are so much fun to hang out with! =)

  15. hello! love the idea for the week! looking forward to all the different ideas! =)

  16. such an adorable look! love the colors and especially that little clutch! it reminds me of one i had and loved when i was a kid.


  17. love loVE LOVE this! I've been trying to come up with things to wear for Valentine's Day and this has given me a great idea! I love this so much that I want to invite you to participate in a fashion blogging contest I am hosting for the month of February! See the rules here:

    I hope you are able to compete!

    : signe

  18. Wauw... I totally love it!!