Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cherry On Top

a pom pom beanie, circle scarf, mint sweater, destroyed jeans, lime clutch, and booties

sweater :: forever 21 (similar)
hat :: hollister (similar)
jeans :: abercrombie & fitch (similar)
scarf :: h&m

I lack pom pom beanies. The one I have on here is borrowed from my sister. It's also supposed to be more slouchy, but I like the cherry on top look so I folded in the extra material to take out the slouch. Pom pom beanie deficiency no more. 

I lack the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans too. I love the destroyed, relaxed vibe of boyfriend jeans - they inject an instant casual cool factor to any borderline stuffy disguise. So I don't own the perfect pair of slouchy, worn in looking denim? No big! Cuff up my favorite pair of destroyed blues and I've got a pretty good dupe if I do say so myself. 

New Year's Resolution #1 that I am successfully on the path of sticking with: recycle & make old clothes "new." Pat on the back - now if I could only keep this up for 353 more days. 


  1. Very pretty dear. Kisses.

  2. The title of this is perfect... that pom pom really is the cherry on top to this outfit!! :)


  3. gorgeous outfit!
    take a look at my outfits and pictures someday :)
    (happy new year!)

  4. That beanie is so cute on you!! The baby blue color of your sweater is so wintery. Love it.

  5. I love recycling clothes- I am a make- do- and- mend queen! great outfit that pompom is great I would have taken out the slouch too

  6. I love your beanie! Happy New Year! :)

  7. love your hat!! :) way too cute :)

  8. You look so cute! I love the color of your sweater(: Love those boots too! Hope you can stop by my blog!

    xx, Shirley

  9. LOVE those clutches, i want one!

    saw you on their instagram today, you look great!


  10. Beanies with pom-poms never looked good on me unless they're the slouchy type. I look weird in them! But you don't. Happy New Year!


  11. The pom pom is definitely the cherry on top of this perfect casual outfit! Love the color combo


  12. Pretty look ! Love it !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog ::

  13. this is so cute and cozy! loving the colors. They suit you so well xx

  14. i like your resolution, and I'm trying to make that mine too.

    do you always wear booties with cuffed jeans? or I guess the better question is, how do you wear booties? I bought a pair of ankle booties, but I've never worn them out because I just don't know how to pair it with things. I guess I could try it with some tights too. What do you think?