Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Red Skirt :: FOUR Knotted Striped Red

knotted denim chambray shirt, stripe tank, map scarf, brown studded purse, red skirt

Still the same red skirt with many undiscovered faces. 

Pop on a striped tank - stripes and red bottoms are always a cute combination. You could end the outfit here plus some accessories if your stripes took on the form of a warmer top, say sweater or long sleeved shirt as opposed to a tank top. Can you tell I'm freezing here? But if you want to go for a layered look, tuck in your tank, and keep reading!

I threw on a denim shirt for a nautical vibe and because the combination of denim, stripes, and red just can't be ignored such a classic. I decided to knot the shirt to create the same effect shorter torso, longer legs effect to be exact as a tucked in shirt, but with a more casual feel. Knotting the shirt also allows more of the tank to shine through than if the shirt were to be buttoned. 

Next step, scarf. I thought a map scarf was a nice touch and would fit in perfectly with my nautical theme. But any scarf with mustard yellow would look rad with this outfit. 

Wrap the scarf loosely around your neck to fill up the empty skin up top. Make sure your tank is still peeking through!

Add finishing light brown touches and your fourth red skirt look is now complete! 

tank :: h&m (similar)
skirt :: forever 21 (similar)
scarf :: shoplately (similar)
purse :: forever 21 (similar)
shoes :: bcbg


  1. Love the freshness in you look ! So nice !

    XX Luba

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  2. Great look, I love the print to the red color!

  3. I love the way u wear this skirt, u look beautiful and lively! Lovely pictures as well:)
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  4. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous and so are you!

  5. magic bag ;0)

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  6. You look soo pretty ! I love it dear !

  7. wow! I love the red skirt and the jeans!
    inspiring! :) love your style !

    xoxo, Jules
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  8. Gorgeous outfit! Thanks for showing how you combined all the pieces: you're very skilled at surprize mixing!! :)


  9. Aw, it looks like you had fun putting this post together! I love that red skirt, I can see myself dressing up for something more work appropriate too!

    The Weekend Diary

  10. I love your look! Kisses.

  11. I love that skirt! Gorgeous look!

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  12. Love this layered look! The scarf is really cool!
    Jeans and a Teacup