Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Denim Dress :: THREE Colored Denim

chambray dress featuring colored tights, tweed blazer, and dark brown accessories

Sick of this dress yet?

Pile on the color, colored blazer and colored tights. I tried to keep my colors in the same family to avoid looking messy. A dress and tall boots are also a great way to experiment with colored tights, since much of the color is covered up, you won't feel too obnoxious if you're trying colored legs for the first time.  The dress is already looking less familiar! 

A statement necklace is a must for this look. Try something unexpected but not overwhelming like the clear necklace I chose, or something neutral like a gold so that your accessories remain interesting but not overpowering. The color should still be the star of the show!

For the belt, I decided on a dark brown to complement the brown tones in my blazer and I opted for a wrap around the outside of my blazer instead of inside. This adds more definition to the waist line and creates a nice structured dark brown theme with the other accessories. 

Welcome to episode three, my version of colored denim. 

dress :: levi's (similar)
blazer :: american rag
necklace :: jcrew factory (similar)
belt :: old (similar)


  1. Lovely look honey !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog goes to Zagreb + new wintery look

  2. This third look is definitely my favorite, the colors you chose are bright yet not messy!

  3. Cool post. I like it with the blazer better!

  4. cool !!!

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  5. lucy i love love love your denim dress! i have one kinda like it but i have yet to wear it. now i'm tempted to wear it too :)

  6. I think this is my favorite so far Lucy!! I love that necklace and the rich color combination :)


  7. Lucy, I am seriously obssessed with your blog. Please come back to LA and be my stylist!!!

  8. very cute :) lovely mix of colour and texture x