Monday, November 19, 2012

Modern Day Anne Frank

preserving memories in today's diary equivalent in a snowflake fair isle sweater, cream fur vest, oxblood pants, & of course, glitter oxfords

sweater :: h&m snowflake sweater (similar)
vest :: h&m faux fur vest (similar)
shoes :: forever 21 glitter oxfords (similar)
infinity necklace :: c/o shoplately

I always look forward to this time of the year, I don't know many people who don't. But aside from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas a.k.a. the typical there's one small event in particular that I get overly excited about, getting a new planner. 

When I was younger I, like every other girl, tried to keep a diary but it turned out that diary just wasn't my type. The task of writing something every day or even every week was just too much, so I had to end the relationship funny because diary's close cousin, blog, is much more me. 

It was interesting to clean out my room a couple of years ago when my parents moved because I found several diaries that I had tried to start, all with only the first five pages complete and everything else blank. As I sifted through the other items sitting in a box in the back of my closet, I found my old planners from high school and college. As I flipped through them, I got a snapshot glimpse of the past - proms, tests, college welcome week, and graduation. 

I had preserved my memories inadvertently through keeping track of my day to day tasks. So every year around this time, I get excited about looking for a new planner because I know I'll fill it easily - and although I never had the tenacity for a diary, a planner is a fine replacement as a memory keeper I like to think of it as Modern Day Anne Frank. It gets the job done without having to pull teeth. 

This year I started the search early note to self: perhaps I should apply the same mentality to Christmas presents and therefore am ready to go for January 1, 2013 12:01am I'm such a planner, no lame pun intended. I decided on a british tan datebook from Graphic Image the "parent company" of GIGI NY

Yes I'm investing, because I know I'll be keeping my planner for years to come, so it's got to last. And this one will do just that with its cream white acid free paper, soft british tan leather, Smyth sewing and gilt pages - oh you fancy huh? Yes, yes I am. 

I can't wait for 2013. 

Dont forget to use coupon code DISGUISE for 20% off both GIGI NY & Graphic Image - you've got presents for mom & dad covered! 


  1. I use to write in a journal, but stopped so long ago. This makes me want to start again. :) Lovely outfit!

  2. Beautiful pictures and outfit! Love the faux fur vest!


  3. adorable outfit, love the vest.

  4. Your shoes <3 I also love the vest and your pants!
    Great *w*


  5. You look super cute! I loved diaries when I was a little girl and I did finished them, I have always prefer writing than talking lol. Last year I got a Hello kitty planner, it was so so cute!

  6. Amazing sweater and shoes!

    LOVE BO,

  7. Glitter oxfords!!! Those are the best. I recently purchased a pair myself but they are multi-colored. I think gold ones would be a bit easier to match things with, haha :) Check out my latest post featuring some afternoon tea!


  8. Very cool look ! Love it !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: featuring a basic in the closet , the LBD

  9. I love how even the color of your planner fits well with this outfit! At least now I know I'm not the only one who enjoys the little things like going shopping for a new planner! I love seeing the days filled up in different colors in order of importance when I flip through my old planners, it reminds me that I am productive after all :)

    The Weekend Diary

  10. Amazing photos! Love the story!

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  11. Fabulous shoes! I am loving the sparkles and the color!

  12. your jumper is amazing love it ¡¡¡¡

  13. Great mix of colours - love the metallic element with the shoes!

    Zoe xxx

  14. You too? I'm so happy to hear that another person gets excited about a new planner. It's like a new beginning, isn't it? SO many goals to reach, so many things to accomplish.

    Best of luck to you next year! By the way, cute sweater. That blue looks amazing on you.

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  15. Great outfit! I LOVE your shoes!


  16. Adorable! ♡ You are too cute


  17. Lucy, you look like such a jazzy scholar, especially with those shoes :)


  18. Great outfit! Live your sweater
    I'm the complete opposite- I wax cleaning my room in February and I realised I had nothing from when u was at school/ Uni/ holidays nothing. I don't know if it's escalate I don't see to keep memories or because my mum throws so much stuff away. That's why I started a blog