Friday, November 16, 2012

Circa 1952

my take on the year in a faux fur leopard coat and black maxi skirt

skirt :: old black maxi skirt (love this one)
coat :: forever 21 (similar)
nail polish :: essie angora cardi

"Nostalgia is denial - denial of the painful present. The name for this denial is golden age thinking - the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one one's living in - its a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present." 
- Midnight in Paris

I've been overdosing on Lockerz recently. It's bad, I can't get anything done. See my Lockerz productivity here

For those of you who aren't familiar with Lockerz, it's operates just like Pinterest, except there's always an except I deem it the better version, the arcade version. What do I mean by that? 

Well, think of it like this, Pinterest is your Need for Speed driving game played at home. Lockerz is like your Need for Speed driving game played at an arcade. To breathe some life into this example we'll say the arcade is Dave & Buster's for those of you who don't live in CA, D&B's is an arcade frequented by children and adults alike. 

At home, you play your game solely for your own enjoyment. Similarly, on Pinterest you post pictures solely for the purpose of posting pictures. 

Now at D&B's, you're still playing your game of choice for your own enjoyment, but you're also playing for something else. Tickets. Those little one inch pieces of red paper that are so insignificant yet so significant when you've racked up a bucket full. There's no better way to elicit that elusive childhood happiness you once possessed than to acquire a bucket full of tickets from a night of hard work at wacking alligators who remembers that game?.

On Lockerz you get 10 points for every picture you post. Catching on to my comparison of Lockerz to D&B's? You can accumulate points and then redeem your points at the Lockerz shop, much like redeeming your arcade tickets at the brightly lit prize shop in every arcade, except that the Lockerz shop carries much more than the arcade shop. You can redeem your points for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Now you see why I've been addicted to Lockerz?

So yesterday I uploaded a photo of a beautiful girl circa 1952 my guess. Her vintage beauty was captivating and such a fresh change from what we're used to. All day I couldn't stop thinking about her picture and what it would feel like to have lived during her time. I always feel like life, sixty years ago, exuded such a simple happiness that can be hard to grasp nowadays amidst our laptops, ipads, and iphones reminds me of the movie 'Midnight in Paris,' which is a MUST SEE if you haven't

But I can try and recreate that simple happiness through my daily disguise even if I can't actually let go of my modern day toys. Ah thank goodness for fashion, our sweet escape from reality :) 

Here's to you girl circa 1952. 


  1. Wow, beautiful outfit and pictures! I love your coat :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. OOo~ love that gold collar necklace & that coat with the red lips~ So hot ^.~


  3. Absolutely beautiful. And I'm checking out Lockerz!

  4. Wow you look absolutely awesome! I love your fur vest!

  5. Love the coat :)

  6. love ur fur coat!!!! goes so well with the long black dress!

    xoxo jenna

  7. never heard of lockerz. so awesome! i'm checking it out now.
    ps love maxis during winter! you are looking quite classy m'dear :)

  8. I have a very similar coat and you make me want to pull out one of my black maxis to pair with it, love the whole look!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  9. I've been wearing maxi dresses during the winter, too. They're perfect for every season, really. I like how you paired yours with that leopard jacket. It makes a great evening look!

  10. I love this! It reminds me so much of 1950's Hollywood glam!


  11. lovely; DD


    NEW POST ;]]

  12. Amazing dress, love the length. The combi with
    the coat is super chique.

    LOVE BO,

  13. You look perfect <3 I really love that coat <3
    xoxo, Chance to change

  14. Looking classy and chic with the coat Lucy! :)

    xo - Sheila

  15. I love this outfit!! And that site sounds quite interesting, but I barely have time for anything besides my regular sites so I probably won't use it, ha ha

  16. The coat really gives a whole new dimension to your outfit! The old Hollywood glamour perhaps...

  17. Interesting, I've never heard of Lockerz until now, I want to try it out but I'm afraid I'll get sucked in to yet another social media website as if I wasn't spending enough of my time on other ones I currently love.. haha!!

    The Weekend Diary

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Loving the faux fur ~ animal friendly all the way! What can I say lovely, amazing outfit as always :) xo

  20. I love this outfit.
    The dress looks amazing
    with the jacket. :)

  21. Wow wow wo!
    Paired with the red lipstick -> fabulous!!


  22. OH my gosh!! I love this look:) you are so sweet <3 follow you !

  23. i have the same exact coat!!! you styled it well here with that maxi dress!! :D i've been wearing it with casual jeans and a top here because it's too cold to wear dresses where i live! :D

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