Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skincare Sundays :: DIY Pores Be Gone

Pore Shrinkage

It's been a while since a Skincare Sundays post but it's back and with some awesome DIYs!
As the weather cools down I find my skin in need of some serious exfoliation and moisturization. Funny thing is, even though I'm not as oily, my pores maintain their normal pot hole size. Gross. 
So for the past few weekends I've been experimenting with different products as well as DIYs. I thought I'd share this DIY pore shrinker tested for three weeks by yours truly
Step 1 :: Zing Scrub 
1 tablespoon of warm honey :: 1 tablespoon of brown sugar :: 3 drops of lemon juice
After cleansing your face, massage the scrub, in circular motions, into pore-plentiful areas for three minutes. Rinse with warm water warm water opens up pores so the dirt can be sucked out!
The warm honey acts as a natural humectant and helps open up pores for the natural lemon acids to zap away any dirt, grime, or oil. Brown sugar scrubs away a layer of dead skin, leaving glowy skin underneath. 
Step 2 :: Apple Astringent

1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar :: 1/2 cup of purified water :: 1 squeezed lemon slice
Mix all three ingredients in a container, preferably with a cap for easy storage. Apply the astringent with a cotton pad. 

Apple cider vinegar balances the skin's pH level which is important because our skin functions the best when it's at its natural pH level. However the environment, different cleansers, etc. disrupt the skin's pH causing the skin to be more susceptible to damage. Apple cide vinegar contains vitamins, minerals, natural enzmyes, and is rich in antioxidants. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which makes it a great acne fighter. Lemon, as I mentioned before, is a great natural way to banish dirt, grime, and oil.

Happy Sunday everyone!


    1. Gorgeous idea ! Thanks for sharing !

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    2. Very nice tutorial, should totally try this one day! Would you like to follow each other? I fall in love with your blog and I'd love to keep in touch ;)
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    3. I'll try that definitely!
      Love, melly

    4. Ohhhh thank you so much. Having the worse skin week need to give that honey abc lemon one a go

    5. Wow these sounded really effective! I might try them...I have too many blackheads on my nose. xD

    6. I've heard a lot about these types of skin treatments and have been thinking about trying them out... it's good to know that you've tried and enjoyed them; I might give them a go!!


    7. i always say to myself "i'm gonna try this!" but then i get lazy and forget haha
      thanks for sharing :)

    8. Thanks for sharing.. Must try totally..

    9. brilliant tips! i use lemon juice to cleanse occasionally but now I'll definetly try the sugar scrub. thanks for sharing x

    10. Thank you for sharing!!! (:

    11. Amazing! Thanks for shearing!

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    13. I've tried everything but unfortunately I think my pores will be with me forever. Haha.

      Crystal | crystal dots.

    14. I SO am going to use this! I really need it!
      I just stumbled across your blog adn I really like it!
      can't wait to be back to see some more posts from you!
      you have a wonderful day!

    15. actually, I have been to your blog before! It looks like you changed the top photo! It is so cute!
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    16. awesome post! ill have to bookmark it and try it sometime!


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